Inspiration Boards!

So  most of you brides out there in the blogosphere are familiar with the “inspiration board” concept – you know, those dreamy photo mosaics full of gorgeous details, amazing dresses, breathtaking scenery and decorations found often on fancy-schmancy wedding blogs? Yeah, those inspiration boards. I love them – but often find that the ones I love the most are drawn off of very expensive details or $50,000+ weddings. Oy! Since we aren’t working with a budget of that caliber, but still would like some of the intimate details often highlighted in the fancier inspiration boards, I thought I’d make one of my own. First of all, I want to share a photo montage I found on a photographer’s blog. oh my gorgeous, I couldn’t not share this (but am not putting it here because I don’t want it to take away from my amateur attempt at an inspiration board LOL). This wedding sounds like it was very do-it-yourself oriented, and I just can’t get over the amazing details and work that went into ever aspect of the decor. Seriously. What is there to even say after this AMAZINGNESS? Pumpking lanterns, gorgeous peach and orange flowers, the lace dress, the rustic elegance. I LURVE it. Hard. And my inspiration board pales in comparison. But…. Here is my own first attempt –  I kind of like it! I think I might do a DIY inspiration board next – wahoo!!! Photo credits Row 1, L-R: inspired by this via martha stewart barn wedding with vintage charm via SMP denver wedding via SMP more denver wedding via SMP sparkler exit autumn inspired wedding via SMP Row 2, L-R: paper lanterns michigan wedding via SMP more michigan wedding via SMP mason jar monday barn wedding from orchard cove photography real oregon wedding Row 3, L-R wedding cake fall at the barns at wesleyan hills apple candles fall setup at the barns at wesleyan hills calligraphy via Ritzy Bee

ETA 1/16/2011:  Brides to be, JOIN PINTEREST! In a way I’m glad it didn’t exist when I was planning ouedding because I would’ve sat at my desk all day gathering “pinspiration,” but it’s filled with amazingness. Check it out. Not only will you be able to see everyone else’s “pins,” but you can also make your own inspiration boards, and even make separate boards for different aspects of your wedding. Awesomeness.


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