The ‘Maids

I was sooo excited to see “Comment: 1” when I logged on to wordpress today! Sadly, it was spam…boo. If you’re lurking here, please feel free to comment, even if it’s just to say “hi”!

So a quick post about our bridesmaids. I’ll use initials here – I totally understand that just because I’m out in the blogosphere doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to be here too!

A- my sister, my MOH. We’re suuuuuper-tight – maybe even beyond super-tight and often finish each other’s sentences or say the same thing at the exact same time. My mother admitted recently that sometimes it freaks her out when this happens. Probably because it means were thinking the same twisted thing at the same time 🙂

K – Jam’s sister. She is amazing. She’s a great mom and a great person, and she is funny as hell. She once protected me from a super-creepy guy at a bar – I know this story has come up a lot in reference to K, but seriously, it meant a ton to me to have her stick up for me and say to the random gyrating man “She’s with us” ‘Cause I’m gonna be family and stuff..

J1 – my cousin. We have a small family, and I only have one girl first cousin, but that didn’t make her a shoo-in or anything. She is also hilarious and I so enjoy her sarcastic commentary about whatever’s happening at the moment, whether it’s sports or the people riding the commuter rail, she always has the ability to make me cackle with laughter…but not too loudly, because that’s annoying train behavior!

J2- friend from childhood. She planned her wedding in about 7 days and is a rockstar at pulling things together last minute. She is also a hair stylist/makeup artist extraordinaire AND when it came to buying a dress, she actually called the bridal shop and made the appointment for me – she’s a good friend like that!

EE – My singer friend from college. She’s so lovely and funny. She was hugely supportive of my and Jam’s relationship from the very beginning. Yes, pretty much everyone was very supportive, but EE hosted a party that played a critical role in fostering the budding romance, heh heh, so for that, we’re eternally grateful.

M – another friend from college. I have had some infamous adventures with this one. M is a wedding graduate herself, and managed to wrangle a 26-person wedding party, so I know she will help me stay organized and on track on “the big day.” She also introduced Jam and me, so she is another critical piece of the relationship puzzle!

R- last but never least, my college roommate!  Despite spending two years putting up with my shenanigans, R remained my friend!! I have a ton of fond memories from our roommate years, and it is partly due to R’s influence and love of all things orange that I even considered that color infiltrating our wedding “theme.”

So that’s that. It’s high time I email each of these ladies about getting together. My mother mentioned hosting a bridesmaid’s luncheon with her mother…while I thought of this, I didn’t want to pressure my mom into doing any more work than she has to (I haven’t even started with all the decorating and crafty things with which I will require help!) with the shower, general mother of the bride stuff, and projects I’ll be needing her help with, so I was delighted when she mentioned this! Hopefully we can work something out in the next few months when the weather is nicer. Maybe we could all go dress shopping together!

I have picked out the store and color for the bridesmaid dresses. Since I bought my dress at David’s Bridal, each of my ‘maids will receive a discount (yay!). I’m going with navy dresses, tea-length, any style. David’s may feel a bit wedding-factory-ish, HOWEVER, it’s affordable, versatile, and has styles that will fit ladies of all shapes and sizes – as much as I adore J.Crew and Ann Taylor dresses, they do not cater to busty women or anyone with hips, so it’s David’s all the way. I like to imagine what style everyone will pick, though I think I will be surprised more than once with people’s final decisions.

I like the following dresses in particular, and think there’s at least one dress in the group that will fit everyone’s likes and needs. There’s a dress that goes a little below the knee for J2 who likes a longer dress, a halter style for R because she rocks the HELL out of halters, strapless for EE, because she has the shoulders to pull off a strapless. Then there’s everything in between. It would be funny if everyone ends up gravitating towards the same dress, but I think everyone will enjoy choosing their own style. Nine dresses for seven women – everyone should find something they like, right?!


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  1. I found the bloooooooog. Actually I noticed it on the fbook profile. Also, you can use my name. I don’t mind being out in the blog world and it would be nice to not be associated to Shitting Glitter.

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