Perusing my “Inspiration” bookmarks yesterday made me realize how many DIY projects I had in mind for the wedding. After I made this inspiration board of 16, I realized I had at least two more in mind (maps, bathroom baskets), plus the bridesmaid stuff. Is it too much? Will all the craftiness make things look sloppy? Should I suck it up and spend money on stuff? EEK! I don’t know what to do. I also don’t want to stress myself out. Some projects are easy-peasy. The cocktail flags I had in mind, for example:


While some have dubbed this crafty addition as “unnecessary,” I say “why not?” From what I’ve heard on the internets, this nice little detail takes a couple of hours, or less if you have friends helping. Plus it’s cute and I like it! SO THERE!

Other projects might be more labor-intensive…it’s hard for me to judge what will be worth it and what won’t. Here’s my DIY inspiration board:


  • Amount of work: labor intensive
  • Savings: significant. People who charge less than a dollar per envelope have crappy handwriting, and more than that is not worth it to me. This way I can choose a font, font color, won’t be charged extra for metallic ink and can go at my own pace. So there!

Urns for the church

  • Amount of work: moderately intense
  • Savings: Probably not huge. I am hoping that my dad’s landscaping/flower shop hookup and general great thing-finding skills will help me score some urns, and a pre-wedding jaunt to Whole foods will find things to fill them, and the day before we throw these together at the church. Yeah, I could have flowers, but kind of don’t want to deal with yet another out of state vendor.

DIY Pomanders

  • Amount of work: labor intensive
  • Savings: insignificant. We’re not really saving any money by doing these. The issue is that we are extremely limited as far as decorations at the church. No tape, no hooks, no candles, no flower petals, etc. The church is also fairly dark – dark wood, dark red rug. This is great because I think my dress and flowers will POP, but I’d love a decoration that lightens the atmosphere. These pomanders are big and fluffy, plus I can make them with the ribbon untied at the top, so the day of the rehearsal we can go in and tie them at whatever length looks good, rather than guess or make an additional trip to CT. My one issue with these is storage and transportation.


  • Amount of work: moderately intense (computer skills wise)
  • Savings: ? Any money we save is probably in printing costs. I love the idea of a fun program. The accordion style is one idea, but I have many more. The most work will probably be the computer design part, but my techno-rockstar sister/MOH Amy will help me 🙂

Ribbon wands

  • Amount of work: minimal
  • Savings: minimal These are one of those things that won’t really add too too much to the wedding. I think they’re fun and will look cute in pictures, and since we can’t throw rice, petals, confetti or bird seed but I still want a church exit, these are one option. There’s also bubbles. One site suggested these weren’t “manly” though what’s “manly” about any other thing you might toss at a church exit? My issue with these is that people will think they’re dumb and not wave them. I think they’ll make for a fun picture, but are they worth it? eh.

Wooden/Papercraft Letters

  • Amount of work: minimal
  • Savings: none A cute idea for the reception. Thought about hanging these or something similar off the balcony for a focal point. They won’t be labor intensive and they’re fairly cheap. I’ll probably GFI

Pumpkin accents

  • Amount of work: moderate
  • Savings: decent These will save us money if we use them in place of floral arrangements. I can carve a mean pumpkin and FAST, as can my sister. She can also glitter pumpkins like a pro. Wouldn’t these be pretty out on the table with escort cards and votives? Me like.

Tree escort cars

  • Amount of work: moderate
  • Savings: minimal Minimal savings because I don’t think people break the bank buying escort cards. I want to have bird table names, so I always thought this would mean I needed bird escort cards. Heck no! Then I wanted to use pumpkins as escort cards. I started thinking about having to get 150+ mini pumpkins in October. Uh, no thanks. While they’ll be available, I’m not wild about the cost and effort. What about this set up? It’s pretty and easy. I like it! Heck, I can probably buy the leaves pre-cut too…

Guest book cards

  • Amount of work: minimal pre-wedding, labor intensive post-wedding
  • Savings: minimal OK, I hate wedding guestbooks. Why? Because people don’t write in them or just sign their names on a line. How frustrating is that? These cards are “conversation starter” type cards that direct a guest what to write. I thought I could have these along with blank cards at a guest book station. Then I’d take each card and make a guest scrapbook. Here’s what else I want to do: have my camera at the reception and take pictures of the guests. Yeah, I know I probably won’t get a picture of every guest, fine, whatevs, but hopefully a pic of every table and a pic of most guests. This I think, is the benefit of having a table for two, people will come up to you. Is it kind of selfish I want this much control over the guest book? yessss. But will I actually look at the guestbook in years to come? yes! I really want to do this…

Monogram napkins

  • Amount of work: moderate – will take time
  • Savings: significant Love personalized napkins, hate the cost. I bought a personalized stamp for $10 on etsy, so I’m making my own monogrammed napkins. Ha!

Mason Jar Centerpieces

  • Amount of work: minimal
  • Savings: huge Big savings by skipping floral centerpieces. The mason jars were free. All I have to do is figure out how to set them up on the table and buy some ivory votives to put inside. SCORE.


  • Amount of work: minimal (template on Martha Stewart)
  • Savings: none I think this would be a cute extra above our heads at the bride and groom table. Problem? I’d have to give it to the decorators and tell them where/how to hang it. You know I have trust issues. Ha ha ha.


  • Amount of work: labor intensive
  • Savings: minimal I love this spinning menu. I’m not convinced it’s necessary or worth it yet though. I’m totally on the fence with this one.

Candy Bar

  • Amount of work: moderate
  • Savings: none really The candy bar will provide favors for our guests. It’s fun and different and hopefully people will be enthusiastic about it. It’s also colorful, and I love the eye-catching arrangement of all the candy jars


  • Amount of work: minimal
  • Savings: none I’d love a sparkler exit. The end

Car decorating:

  • Amount of work: moderate
  • Savings: none Since our grand exit will probably be made in our Subaru, I’d like to jazz it up a bit with some tissue paper flower garlands. Hope it doesn’t rain….

Well that’s that. I’m kind of overwhelmed seeing everything at once. Yikes! Do you think it’s too much “stuff”? Should we cut it down to only a couple of projects?

Photo Sources:

Row 1: envelope, urn, pomander, programs

Row 2: ribbons, letters, pumpkins, leaves

Row 3: guest book, napkins, mason jars, banner

Row 4: menu, candy bar, sparklers, car


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