We booked our honeymoon this week.

I can’t even tell you how happy this makes me – I admit it, this wedding has me a little bit stressed, and whenever I feel like I’m about to crack, I look up our honeymoon destination and let the beauty and calm wash over me:

Look at that. *sigh*

We’re heading to Couples Swept Away in Negril, Jamaica for seven glorious days following our wedding. I cannot WAIT!

Another reason I’m happy to have it booked is the fact that we got such enormous flack about choosing Jamaica, almost entirely from people who never even visited that country. Yup. We got the “it’s dangerous, you’ll get mugged, you’ll get robbed, you’ll get kidnapped, don’t rent a car, don’t go out at night” blah blah blah speech from a TON of people – and not to overshare, but even my freaking DOCTOR, in like, the middle of checking the engine, if you will, was like ‘blah blah Jamaica is sooooo dangerous.” She was the straw that broke the camel’s back, because I snapped, looked down the table at her and said “Oh I’ve heard – have you been?” She just kind of stared for a second and was like ‘no…but….uh, I’ve heard things. And I’ve been to the Caribbean.”

Yeah ok. I’ve been to Kenya. And I am willing to guess that it can be about 10x more dangerous, factoring in the animals that have the ability to damage, maul, and eat you. Jamaica is already 50% safer than Kenya just because I’ll be able to take a pee in the night without a guy with an AK-47, and worrying while I’m on the can that the spirit is going to move some elephant to start snacking on the sisal roof. Soo yeah be quiet, people. We’re cool (and yes I know Kenya is not Jamaica, but Africa is the source of what little street cred I have, so let me go with it!)

Seriously though, Jamaal and I are incredibly conscientious travelers. He being a New Yorker is incredibly street smart and we both come from the Northeast, which means we have a preternatural distrust of strangers, lol, and a certain skepticism when it comes to a new place, plus I have an almost irrational sense of fear with a side dish of hypochondria, ha ha ha. It takes us a long time to let our guard down, and I think that’s a good thing. When we went to Costa Rica, an incredibly safe country, we did go out on our own, but we were sure to exercise the proper caution anyone would (should) in a new city, whether in Costa Rica, Kenya or the US, simple because it’s unfamiliar – we don’t flash money or jewels (because I have lots of jewels lol), we dress down/dress to “blend,” and we STICK together – we plan to do this in Jamaica, and from what I have heard from seasoned Jamaica veterans and our friends who grew up there, this approach should be just fine and we should have a wonderful time – we’re not so fearful or distrustful to let it get in the way of us having a good time, that’s not the case at all – we’re cautious in a way that enables us to have a good time. It’s going to work out just fine.

One particularly supportive lady at work tells me every time I see her how much I’ll love Negril – I tend to believe her, as she just made her 17th trip there!! That’s the kind of advice I appreciate!

Of course the resort is reputed to be extremely safe, as are most excursions booked through the resort folks. Although when I look at these pictures, part of me wonders if we’ll even want to leave the resort to explore….:


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