Gift Registries!

Sooo I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel srsly WEIRD asking people for gifts, specifically making a list of gifts we would like and referring people to our various gift registries.

This is actually a weird thing to worry about – I personally LOVE IT when a couple has a gift registry for their wedding or their new baby, LOVE IT. It takes the guess work out of what to buy, I know whatever I’m giving them the couple actually wants, plus when I go to make a few homemade details to tuck in with the gift, such as coasters, a knit blanket, or oven mitts, I know that I will be able to match their decor. To me, gift registries ROCK…but deep down I wonder whether or not someone invited to our wedding would be put out by a registry and think that our list of requested gifts is over the top or ridiculous.

Then Jam and my sister and mom and my girlfriends tell me to stoppit, get over it, and accept the fact that people want to give us presents and the registry makes the whole process easier. Then I try and take a deep breath and move on. Phew.

We decided to go with four registries, though three of them are legit “gift” registries, with the fourth being a honeymoon registry. Since Jam and I will be combining our households in a few months (yay) we’ve sort of gone over what we’ll be bringing to our new apartment. The list is as follows: 3 bookcases, 1 china cabinet, 2 lamps, random hand-me-down dishes from my grandma, a few new and shiny Christmas/Bday/Engagement gifts from family and friends, and a bit of Africa/Costa Rica/handmade home decor. That’s about it. So we went a bit wild when it came to registering, as we need just about everything….and of course I registered for a few extra goodies in between.

We were able to revise our registries a few weeks ago, which involved visiting each of the stores in which we had registered. While we had done BB&B and Crate and Barrel walk-throughs, we definitely needed a second time around, printed registry in hand, to make sure we hadn’t missed anything. This took up an entire afternoon, but Jam’s enthusiasm, particularly in Crate and Barrel, was rewarded with a Chipotle burrito 🙂

Here are a few highlights.

Bed Bath and Beyond:

Simple Human dish rack. I saw this in the W&S catalog and thought it was a swanky model only to be found in luxury kitchen shops. Lo and behold, the triple B came through. I love washing dishes. I know it’s totally sick to admit this, but I find it calming, I love restoring order to disorder, making the dirty, clean. This dish rack fulfills all my dish rack fantasies, with a flip-out cup holder and a knife block-esque dryer rack making it practically perfect. Jam likes it because it is elevated up off the counter. Bonus. We don’t know whether or not our apt will have a dishwasher, so we might be getting a lot of mileage out of this thing.

Bissell Pet Hair Vacuum. Jam got very nervous when I picked out the one that had a pet hair attachment. I explained that I loved the pet hair feature “just in case,” plus our two tiny birds have the ability to make an extraordinary mess, and I needed something that could pick up feathers and seed hulls. The pop-out canister would totally come in handy for speed-cleaning as well. As it turns out, Jam’s found a job that involves A LOT of traveling, and the chances of me acquiring a furry companion have greatly increased. Several people have informed me that it is unlikely they will be able to visit our home if we have a furry child. We-ell I am hoping this hepa-equipped, pet-hair specialty vacuum will do the trick and keep our home pet-hair, dander, dust and allergen-free.

Emile Henry Pie Plate. Yes I have one already. Now I can make two pies, which is something I do every Thanksgiving anyways, without taking one of Mom’s pie plates. Plus it’s RED. Oh yeah, I should mention we’re going for a very plain kitchen with bold accessories and dishes. Like white with RED ORANGE COBALT TURQUOISE. Your eyes will BLEED! It will be cheery and glorious.


Wedgwood India. Our china. This photo does not do it justice – it’s frickin’ gorgeous. I do have a china cabinet I inherited, and yes, we will use this. We will LOVE it. I am actually planning our first formal sit-down dinner in my head every time I look at this place setting.

India coffeepot. It’s perfect in every way, shape, pattern, size. It’s perfect. The end.

Waterford Lismore Nouveau silver. Everyone said “You HAVE to register for nice flatware if you’re registering for china!!” I was like “yeah whatever.” Then I saw this set and fell in love. It will compliment our china beautifully. Someone bought the silver chest on our registry (I didn’t mean to see! I had to go on there to delete Jam’s Foreman Grill and…oh….nevermind) , so I am cautiously optimistic we may receive a few place settings….

Kitchenaid. I know there are people out there who register for one of these who’ve 1. never used it2. don’t intend to use it but want to have one for status 3. register for it because they’re one of those “it” things, but don’t even know what it’s for 4. legit want one, already have plans for its first use….

I am a 4. I can’t decide if my first use of the mixer will be for strawberry rhubarb pie or for a huge batch of pumpkin bread. It’s kind of a tossup. This is red and glorious and will match our projected kitchen color scheme. I love it.

Jam doesn’t drink coffee. I do, but only a cup at a time. The first time I used a Keurig, I was sold. The fact that this baby can make tea and hot chocolate sold Jam as well.

New Africa bowl woven by Rwandan women. If you know me well, you know why this is so meaningful and important, besides the fact that it’s totally beautiful.

Crate and Barrel

This is my fav registry just because it’s a group of mostly affordable, very fun items. Jam help me let loose and pick something wild for our future dishes in C&B and I am grateful for this, it’s definitely what I needed!

Focus bowls – these and the matching salad plates compliment the orange and yellow mugs and plates that Jam convinced me were perfect for our “bright kitchen.” I have grown to like them immensely from my original skepticism.

I chose a few big serving pieces that would compliment the dishes. Hopefully this Raya platter will be in stock throughout the summer!

I have a fabu set of corningware (I think) colored mixing bowls exactly like the 50+ year old set my parents inherited. I love them – but they will not exactly be in the regular rotation, because I will FREAK if one breaks. These will be our main mixing bowls, plus they fit the colorful kitchen thing we’ve got going on.

Lovely drinking glasses with a tiny hint of blue…probably because they’re recycled. LOVE.

Cold Beverage jar with spigot…Jam and I stayed at a hotel somewhere once (I know it’s vague, be we’ve been a lot of places the last 5 years) and in the lobby they had one of these filled with water and lemon, orange and lime rounds. OMG this was THE BEST water EVER. We seriously have not forgotten it, and while we may have let the name of the hotel slip our minds, we fully intend to replicate that yummy citrus water once again.

Did you know that you receive 10% off any unpurchased registry items at Crate and Barrel? We did. Thus, the bed.

Finally, Jam’s triumph, the lime green tea kettle

I thought it was very bright and fun, but was somewhat indifferent to it….until I found these at the Paper Source this weekend, and used my birthday gift card to purchase two. Our kitchen will be complete.

I’m wondering if I can find matching fabric and make an apron rather than buy it? I might just have to buy it though. It’s kind of perfect….


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