Stayed Tuned for 2012!

Well hey readers few and far between – what’s new.

I haven’t been blogging at ALL. The thing is, work and life caught up with me big time. I haven’t even had a chance to blog in my old blog space. Sigh.

The thing is, I kind of miss it. I loved sharing ideas and photos with the interwebs. So I started to think about how I could resume blogging – do I want to finish up all my wedding posts? YES. Do I want to then switch gears to more personal life stuff, more crafting, cooking, everyday life-ing goodness? Yeesss! Do I want the blog-o to be a little less secret than my old ranty random blog? Definitely.


I’m going to finish up the wedding oriented posting here. I’m going to clean up the rant-y irrelevant posts as well (or maybe edit a few so they’re less snarky and more helpful). Then in 2012, we’re going to start afresh in this space. This will be my new blog…well…sort of my old blog with a new feel. Yeah. Something like that.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for wedding-oriented biz, feel free to swing by and see if I’ve made any strides in wedding blogging. If you’re a friend from the ol’ Allison Wonderland blog, sit tight, stay tuned, see you soon!


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