A Bit More Work Than Anticipated

When I decided I’d revamp the wedding blog, I thought it would be easy.

Wow. I was way off on that one.

My goal was to get rid of the irrelevant. Done.

Another goal? Categorize everything. Done

Change the appearance? Done…though not convinced I love it yet.

Then I wanted to add all of the wedding posts and how to’s I meant to add months ago, and then move forward with the day to day blogging. Uhhh. Woah.

While it was easy to delete and edit, the adding posts has been slowing me down. I have lists of things I want to blog. Part of me thinks “no one CARESSS!” but there is a part of me, my former bride-to-be self, that thinks “someone somewhere will find this information useful” so I’m planning to power on. I’m hoping that the next few weekends in February will prove to be fruitful on the blogging front!

In the meantime, Superbowl Sunday is upon us here in the USofA (USOFA – can we make this happen? I kind of like it..). Grandma has summoned all children and grandchildren not otherwise engaged to her domicile to watch the big game. I’m excited and anxious, as the last Patriots-Giants Superbowl did not go so well for us in New England. At the end of the day, it’s a game and there’s always next season, and that’s what everyone needs to keep in mind. In addition to watching what I hope will be some great football, I am excited about the FOOD. Has anyone seen skinnytaste? There are a lot of “alternative” apps on there, and I plan to do a bit of pre-Bowl cooking and try some of these out.

Also, I wore my Patriots shirt to work today under my sweater. It just felt like the right thing to do.

I normally mock sparkly glittering items masquerading as "women's sports apparel" but this T from Victoria's Secret is suuuper comfy



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