Do you ever feel kind of hollow-y and sad? Like, maybe for a particular reason or maybe even no particular reason at all?

I think part of the reason I was feeling that all last week is the winter. It has been so easy this year in Massachusetts. Last year, I couldn’t even walk to the bus without falling on my bum. It was seriously embarrassing (though who is to blame for that – oh that’s right, the people who don’t shovel their sidewalks!). We also had car parking issues in our driveway, a snow pile taller than me in our yard that created more parking issues, and the general feeling of wanting to hibernate in a darkened room until a patch of grass was once again visible in the yard. This year can’t even compare to last – we’ve had but a dusting of snow, mild temperatures, and the weather has been so kind the local birds have ignored my bird feeder altogether as they are able to eat out in the world on their own.

So what’s up with the winter blahs?

Part of it is the fact that we’re all pretty vitamin D-deprived. Yup. I saw a study at work that showed if you live in the northeast it’s basically impossible to get your daily dose of vitamin D from the sun if practicing safe sun exposure, which I practice aggressively (see below: honeymoon picture featuring a Very Large Hat). Actually, if you read the NEJM study, we should have a little more safe sun exposure in our lives…but I digress…

The oft-mocked sun hat

Winter blahs: I felt totally helpless to beat them, and I hate HATE being defeated. Hate it.

Luckily, there were plans for the weekend that made it impossible to be sad…Smithie plans. Plans that included dinner, a party, and brunch…and art clubs and baking and food and talking until 3AM….

I have been so tired and worn out and maybe even a little bit bored….and maybe a tiny bit sad too…just feeling BLAAAAH.

And then there was this:

Smithies and Sig. Others Brunch!

I had a mimosa and ridiculously hot and fresh coffee. I had french toast that almost killed me (it was amazing, but I thought for about 30 seconds I would perish from all of the deliciousness). We talked and laughed and were a little loud and rambunctious, and all of the sudden I figured out that I would be OK. I would survive the winter and my vitamin D deficiency to see another spring! I got what I needed to turn my mood around, and instead of being all “ugh it’s February, then March, then maybe I will have warm hands again,” I started focusing on the next couple weeks in a different way, and thought about impending birthdays, a brunch I have at Gillette Stadium, a Winter Farmer’s market I’m going to with my mom and sister. Things seemed a little brighter, a little nicer. Gloriousness!

Yeah, I’m still a little blah (but think I am getting sick, boo), but there’s nothing like friends. I needed that reminder this weekend – thank you, Smith ladies…I love knowing that you’re there to get my butt in gear (even when you don’t know you’re doing it)! I am heartened, and it is good.

OK – enough about me. Wanna read about someone who is 10x more badass than me and is “choosing joy” while she kicks cancer’s ass? Read this. Try not to be inspired to choose joy. Buy the necklace. Get your tissues and watch this. This woman is truly amazing.


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