Another Wedding in the Works!

Well I am still behind on getting all the wedding how-to posts up here, but they’re coming. In the meantime, I am helping friends plan their Spring/Summer 2013 nuptials, so now and then you’ll be seeing DIY/how-to’s for their wedding as well. They’re also a bride-bride wedding and I really hope they’ll let me blog about their process here. Exciting!

More about planning: When I was planning our wedding, I turned to the interwebs. I had a significant amount of wedding blogs in my google reader. These were helpful to me – I saw what others were doing, was able to find inspiration in other weddings, and saw mistakes others were making and tried to avoid them. This time around, there’s Pinterest! I recently read an article written by a bride-to-be about how Pinterest is “ruining” her wedding because she sees all these DIY projects, cute/quirky/whimsical inspiration, and she can’t do it all or have it all or afford it all and that makes her sad. Boo hoo.

Sigh. Really?

Maybe it’s because now I’m 30 and I’m trying not to sweat the small stuff (though I was 28 when I got married) or maybe I just try to approach things with a combination of practicality, common sense, with a slice of imagination and a “I can do that” attitude, but blaming blogs and Pinterest for ruining your wedding is, in my opinion, a little insane. I knew my budget. I knew what I wanted. My husband and I prioritized carefully. We balanced priorities (food, music, photography) and pulled off DIY stunts for the things that were less important to us (decor -though it turned out just lovely, favors, choosing not to have cherubs and unicorns precede us down the aisle, etc). We had the wedding we both imagined.

In planning with my friends E and K, I told them to think about their wedding in a similar fashion. While E is the dreamer and K is practical, they both have very concrete visions of what they want, and in areas where they haven’t been 100% sure, blogs such as Style Me Pretty (which to me, isn’t usually practical, and tends to trend towards the “frankly unaffordable” scale but is very, very pretty) and Pinterest have been great tools in the planning process. I put together an inspiration board for my friends, and it was so easy for them to look through things in that format – yes, yes, no, I hate that, I love that, I can recreate that project as a DIY – these are the kind of decisions that we were able to make in just a few days…and since we have less than a year to plan this wedding, decisions must be made! Based on a combo of blog-inspiration and Pinterest, we were able to narrow down venue choices to four, my friend E chose attendant gifts, a guest book alternative, a potential color scheme. She did not like any of the decor I pinned – but that’s OK, now that she has an idea of what she likes, I can look for things that will appeal to her. Trust me, brides and grooms, the internet is your FRIEND. Let it guide you if you need, but don’t let it get to you.

Tomorrow’s Post: DIY Ceremony Decor


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