Summer Manifesto

Well here we are on the last day of summer (boo!)

I have wedding posts coming, I promise. I even have some craft-oriented posts too. Behind as usual.

At the beginning of the summer I made a Summer Manifesto. I used a photo of a gorgeous New Hampshire sunset I had taken a few years ago and listed ten things I wanted to accomplish this summer – BUT unlike my usual lists, I tried to keep it fun. I did fairly well:

ImageGo to NH three times:





Pick Strawberries

Which, while fun, resulted in a fairly tragic jam-making experiment.

Beach Day. Didn’t really happen, despite the fact that I planned to trek down to my favorite RI beach. I even took the day off! I totally forget why I didn’t go and what I did instead. I did spend almost an entire day sleeping on a lounge chair on the dock in New Hampshire, so that’s *almost* a beach day. There was also a day Jam and I moved into my parent’s so we could lounge poolside with booze to beat the heat. That’s like 1/4 of a beach day. Close enough!

Five things off the Day Zero list.

Yikes. The Day Zero list I have is great, but gah, it is NEVER going to be finished by next February, not even close! Doing five things this summer didn’t really happen for me. There are things I probably accomplished, like seeing 30 new birds – that probably happened. There are things I did half-assed, like “learning about my ancestors” – did I really dedicate time and effort to it? No. Did I ask my dad a million questions about his maternal grandparents and why they moved from Ireland and when, how my great-grandfather worked on the Boston Elevated and whether he ever told my dad about the Molasses Flood? Sure. But it was half-done.

And then there was the sort-of. “Go to a book signing and tell the author why you enjoyed his/her book.”


I went to a book signing.

But more than anything, it was because I HAD to see Teresa Guidice in person. I had to. I admit it, I had never set eyes on her cookbook. Though that being said, both Jam and I enjoy her recipes! Who would have guessed?!

There were the reals:

Climb a mountain (or a large hill). I’m pretty sure this falls in the “large hill” category – no surprise, as I actually hate hiking (it aggravates my asthma something fierce). I did this hike because 1. the interwebs assured it was easy and even had stairs in some parts 2. I had to see that view. WORTH IT!

West Rattlesnake, Squam Lake

The other definite accomplishment was “Knit myself a sweater”


Read books all day.

Totally did this while sitting on this balcony:

Either Lynda LaPlante or Tana French (or maybe both) are responsible for getting me to actually sit for nearly a whole day in my butterfly chair reading.

Explore by bike or kayak


Norwottuck Rail Trail (awesome ride)


Grape Island

More Farmer’s Markets. Yes. I especially enjoyed the Braintree Farmer’s Market where I found rhubarb in abundance and even practiced yoga outdoors on the lawn of the Town Hall one Saturday morning.

Sew a Summer Skirt. Nope. Didn’t happen. Ah well.

Picnic Lunch or Dinner

We combined kayaking to Langlee Island in Hingham Harbor with a picnic lunch atop the rocks. We look like this because it was a thousand freaking degrees and Jam got all irritated that there were bugs around his food. It was kind of a bust and not the elegant event I had in my mind, but hey, we tried!

Pedicure at least once a month. Kinda sorta. Every six weeks is more like it. I would show you a picture of my blue toenails, but I know better that to post anything to do with feet or foot pictures on the interwebs.

Plan an anniversary trip. Done. Not saying when or where, but here is a hint:








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