Low-Budget Bachelorette

I’m trying to finish out the wedding blogging – two years have passed, it’s time, plus I’m helping out with a June 2013 wedding, and I’d love to put some projects up here without having weird two-year old wedding posts hanging around.


That was easy. While I wanted to have a fun night, I also wanted something low-key. My sister had a ton of ideas, a night on the town, etc, but in the end, she was doing SO.MUCH.STUFF. for our wedding, that I didn’t want her to have to plan another thing, and I didn’t want her to have to spend any more cash. I decided to plan my own bachelorette! My sister and cousin helped, and most of my ‘maids and friends came over to my apartment to enjoy drinks and snacks, in-house mani-pedi-mini massages, and a movie night, with candy.

In the end, it was a good plan, because I got super-sick with a cold.

Bar Setup

I had only been in our apartment a short while when I hosted this little party (actually, Jam and I were still adjusting to living with each other after only a few weeks, and we had a massive blowout before the party. As he headed to NYC for his bachelor bash, I cursed his car as it pulled out of the driveway and wished him a massive hangover. Let’s just say, wishes come true, and I spent the next day wracked with guilt as he tried to drive his hungover ass home. OOPS.)

ANYWAY. We moved furniture around and used my desk/bookcase for a bar and food table. Because this was after my shower, I did have enough glasses for everyone! Critically important!

The traveling spa troupe provided manis, pedis, and chair massages. I had hired the group after extensive googling. They were nice enough, but super-freakin’ shady. Weird about set-up, weird about getting paid (cash only, after telling me over email cash/checks/credit cards were cool) – they weren’t unkind, just SHADY. Needless to say I can’t find their business online anymore, so I guess they don’t do this sort of thing anymore. I will say that the idea was decent, and the services were OK. All in all, my girlfriends were just kind of like ‘whatever, it’s fine, we’re here to hang out and have fun’ so they were cool with the experience….especially after the mobile spa peeps cleared out, ha ha.

My cousin put together some pudding shots with chocolate vodka. Delish!

We chillaxed, all barefoot and casual – no club lines, no binding party clothes!

And yes, we drank out of fish martini glasses!

OK, that may not have been the most inspirational bachelorette party ever, but I had fun. We finished the night by munching on popcorn and a basket of movie box candy while watching “The Hangover” – good stuff!

If you do live in the Boston area, I do have two bachelorette recs. These never get old to me (though I’m sure others are like ‘yuuccckkkk not again’)

Pole dancing lesson at Gypsy Rose. So fun! The lady over there is nutso, but hilarious. Just don’t book the last class of the night because all the good clothes and shoes will be gone and you’ll end up looking like I did, a sort of deranged, pole-dancing pirate.

Fancy light limo optional! I went to this bachelorette with my sister. We had a blast, and I loved not worrying about driving home at the end of the night, even though I didn’t drink that much and I really went for the post-bar pizza 🙂

Jacques Cabaret Drag Show. It’s totally raunchy. The performers will bring you up on stage. They will grab your boobs. But they’re totally fun. I love Jacques!








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